Love at first sight in BL / MM romance: does it still work?

Yes, I know. It is a cliche. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.
But in Italy we say that “you can’t stop cheering for a winning team”. So, is love at first sight still going strong?
Personally, whenever I find a case of love at first sight that’s there for no other reason than having to put two characters together, I stop caring about their relationship completely. It just reminds me too much of those books my mother reads that usually have all the same plot:

  • they meet;
  • love at first sight;
  • they don’t admit it;
  • oh my God we can’t be together;
  • some drama;
  • who cares, let’s get married.

I’m not saying these plots are bad, they’re actually pretty good to help you pass the time and relax on the beach or after a long day at work. But at the same time I think there are better ways to narrate love at first sight.

In particular, I find it really effective when:

  1. you don’t understand immediately it was love at first sight, you find out later and everything starts making sense
  2. they really struggle to figure out their feelings and to confess them
  3. you feel the love even from the smallest interaction they have as soon as they meet
    #dokyuusei #bananafish
  4. they never talk about romance – they might as well hate each other – but they just can’t leave the other alone

And what do you think of love at first sight?

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