Writing Prompt: Write an apology letter to the character you hurt the most.

Thanks again to the Writing Prompt Generator of thecharactercomma.com

This post refers to my book Back in the rain (I’m gonna have so much fun with this prompt)

Dear Dan,

I do feel I owe you an apology for all that happened to you because of me.

At such a young age, you went through such horrible things that nobody in this world should ever experience. I know very well that you didn’t deserve any of it.
In fact I must confess you that, even though parents shouldn’t have favorites, you were and still are the character I love the most.
You’re probably thinking I’m joking. I’m sure until now you thought that I hated you.
Well, you were wrong, and if you take a look at yourself you’ll start seeing why.
Did you notice how beautiful you are? Do you think I’d give eyes like yours to anyone? When I was a schoolgirl, my imaginary-boyfriend looked a looooot like you.
Not to mention your personality! Darling, you’d literally do anything for the people you love. When you started taking shape in my head, you were a rare case of a fucking-perfect human being.
Here’s the catch.
Maybe you were just too much.
You see, you were so perfect that it felt like you were missing something. So I wanted to make you more “real”, to test you and see how far you’d go, how you’d react to hardship.
Your tragic backstory was the first thing I created that later became actually part of “Back in the rain”. I probably went too far with it, and I messed you up. I’m sorry.

But you see, that is also the reason why your Drew exists. After all I did to you, I thought you deserved someone to love you above everything else. To apologize, I decided to give you that kind of love that everybody dreams of: poweful, intense, breathtaking and deep. I hope it was enough to make up for everything else.

Lots of love,


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