Writing Prompt: Think about your unfinished novel’s plot going forward. Fastwrite as many crazy ‘What if’ statements as you can think of in a minute.

Thanks again to the Writing Prompt Generator of thecharactercomma.com

For this one I’ll be using a novel I dropped last year after writing the first 5 chapters. It’s a MM high-school romance set in Japan with a supernatural mystery surrounding the main characters.

I love these prompts… 1 minute! Here we go!

What if…

  • the protagonist runs away from home
  • the comic relief is actually the reincarnation of a god
  • that one time at the beginning of the story he was time traveling
  • his douche-father dies
  • his ex is still in love
  • his beloved senpai is actually an asshole
  • his friend falls in love with the comic relief
  • he isn’t human
  • new love interest isn’t human
  • he was in a coma the whole time
  • new love interest doesn’t exist
  • new love interest is a projection of someone who lived 500 years ago
  • new love interest is a ghost
  • he has visions of the future
  • he has visions of a past that was cancelled by time travel

That was actually fun!

If I start working on this again some of these what-ifs will totally be there!

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