Yuri on ice: so much more than fanservice

Yuri on ice is an original anime series that came out at the end of 2016.

I heard of it for the first time on Tumblr, before the series actually came out, and it was already considered a masterpiece in the BL community. I didn’t know much about the story but I knew I was going to watch it:

Sports anime with handsome boys and possibly homoerotic fanservice: that sounded familiar and yes, I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.

But what I found wasn’t what I was expecting. It was so much more.

We need to be clear here: Yuri on ice is not a fanservice anime for fujoshis.

Before you argue with this, let me add that yes, there is something in there made to make girls go “kyaa”, but it is a 5% of what this anime is made of.

In fact, Yuri on ice is

  • A real sports anime
    The figure skating in the series is usually detailed and beautiful, even though in some episodes the quality of the performances is barely sufficient (I suspect for budget issues). The music is impressive and emotional. It is one of the best anime OST I’ve listened in years.
  • A dramatical, emotional series
    The characters in this show are just so real. They are athletes that work hard to achieve their dreams while dealing with their personal problems, and you can actually feel their emotions in their performances. Watching this series, it is possible you’ll find at least one character that you can connect with emotionally. Personally, I connected immediately with Yuri. A friend of mine was absolutely shocked when JJ  hit a slump and almost cried during his last performance in the show.
  • A real love story
    Let’s be honest. Yuri and Victor are in love with each other, and their love is the purest, most honest thing ever. They need each other, they care for each other, they find in the other the inspiration to do better. Their love is simply how love should be, in general.

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