Why I love “Detroit Become Human”

I came to know this game back in 2012, when the “Kara” demo came out.

Already at the time I was impressed by what I saw. Kara was beautiful. She was a machine that had just been assembled, but the actress was able to transmit so much more than that; Kara was happy to have been born. She knew already that she was alive. I knew that she was an android but I also knew that she wasn’t. In just a few minutes, I had already become attached to her. She was a person, not because of her appearance but because of her heart.

After that demo I didn’t hear of Detroit again until the game came out last month. I had never forgotten Kara, so I had to buy it. And I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Personally I love having decisional power in videogames and build my own story as I play, and that’s the reason why I played games like Life is Strange or┬áThe Walking Dead (even though I’m definitely not the zombie type). Detroit, however, is even better on that point of view: nearly every decision you make has a meaningful consequence on the story. You move three well-developed characters, Connor, Markus and Kara and their personalities evolve depending on your playthrough.

Connor is probably the character that can change the most during the game (if you decide to let him), and starting from my second playthrough I came to appreciate him every day more. He’s the one that’s more “mechanicle” at first, and you are the one who can make him understand whether the emotions he feels really are – or aren’t – more important than his mission.

Markus is a natural leader; determined, humble and brave, whatever you decide to do with him. I think that his storyline is the one that brings out the most the player’s personality. Will you shoot or spare? Will you take or ask?

Kara is the first character that I really empathized with. Probably because I had known her since 2012, but also because of the way she is: caring, protective, kind and sometimes really naive. Her storyline is the one that can get most affected by the actions of the other two main characters.

Finally, the ethical question: are these androids alive? Or are they just some piece of plastic imitating human feelings?

Without a doubt the player’s perspective on this matter will change the story completely.




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