MM Romance: being in love with two guys in love

A lot of girls are into MM romance, Yaoi, BL genres (obviously, I am one of them).

In recent years, thanks to the internet, this has become almost common knowledge. Sometimes seeing people’s reaction to our fangirling is hilarious, like in that famous South Park episode.

However, more often than not, fujoshis are just frowned upon. In 2018, being a fujoshi is still considered “wierd” by most people and just by making a quick search on the Internet, there are tons of articles and discussions about “why women like yaoi”.

Personally I don’t really care about reasons and I find this “curiousity” funny, considering that nobody seems to care why some guys like seeing two girls together.

What I think is

whatever floats your boat

as long as

  • you’re not a pedophile
  • you’re not into rape apologia
  • what you like doesn’t hurt anyone

Moreover, being in love with two people in love is amazing. You care for them, you feel empathy when they struggle, you want them to be happy.

I have been a fujoshi before even knowing what yaoi was. I always liked bromance in movies and comics, since when I was a little girl, and I think that demonstrates how kids don’t have any prejudice until they are taught otherwise.

To conclude, here’s a funny story:
When I was 6 or 7, I watched Sailor Moon on TV. In Italy the anime had been heavily censored. In an episode of season 3 (at least I think it was season 3), the cast goes on a cruise reserved to couples, and Haruka and Michiru participate. The italian dub tried to “justify” their presence there saying that “best friends could participate too”.
6 year-old Elen simply thought, “this is stupid, I think they’re actually dating”.
And I don’t feel traumatized at all.


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