Published my first book – Getting ready for publication

I self-published Back in the rain on February 18, 2018.

I started writing this book at the end of 2015 almost as a writing excercise, and one year later I had a massive manuscript of about 175000 words. Just writing it had been hard and very stressful sometimes, but now I was stuck: what to do with it?

I put it away for a couple of months and started working on new projects. When I took it back out, I found it awful. The writing was messy and the plot was over-complicated. I re-drafted it and asked two friends to be my beta-readers. Both of them told me “You could really publish this. Not now, but you could, once you fix it better”.

That brought my enthusiasm back, until I realized how hard it is to find an editor when English is not your native language.

As a linguist, I can understand why: editing a text written by a non-native speaker is harder than translating it yourself. That’s why editing for ESL authors is mostly reserved to those who need it for academic puroposes. But I had a novel, and it was a very long one too.

I took me a while, but then I found the perfect editor. We worked on the book thoroughly, and it finally turned out to be the book I was dreaming of publishing. After that I fixed a couple of things, and at the beginning of January 2018 the book was finally ready.

Publishing this book was my very first step toward my dream of becoming a writer, and even though I still have a long way to go, I now feel that I can.


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