Characters creation – Development

As a reader, what I expect to find in a good book or in a good movie is interesting characters.

Hundreds of books taught me that to be interesting, characters don’t need to be good, or at least not necessarily. They don’t need to be perfect either. They just need to be human.

To be human doesn’t mean to be part of the human race. It means they must have feelings, desires and reasons to do what they do. A human character makes mistakes, misjudges, misunderstands, learns and changes.


In the case of Back in the rain, the main characters, Drew and Dan, were born even before I defined the draft storyline, and thinking of them as persons, made me decide how to develop the story.

My characters are young and very immature. At the beginning of the story Drew and Dan are both broken and looking for answers:

What to do when you feel you have nothing left? 

What is it worth losing to reach the truth?

The book is a journey in which the two of them try to overcome the emptiness, the fears and the insecurities they feel.

The best thing about human characters is that, whether they fail or succeed, they will not be the same by the end of the book.

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