Characters creation – the look

Since I’m a big anime/manga fan, I’ve always loved to draw my characters as soon as they start taking shape in my head. I’m obviously not a professional artist – I’m well known for having no technique – but drawing plays a fundamental role in my creative process.


I have several artists that inspire me and on which I based my character design.

The one who influenced me the most is without a doubt the Japanese doujinka Emi 10rankai, who I have adored for more than 10 years. Her stories can be amazingly fun, deep and emotional at the same time and all of this is showing on her characters’ faces. Despite her drawing style being very shonen-like, her characters end up being very sweet and “human” as they interact with each other.

That’s what I had in mind when I first created my Dan and Drew.


Dan, inspired by Emi’s Sasuke, has delicate face traits, white skin and black wavy hair. His charm point are, anyways, the stunning blue eyes (I actually put 5 different shades of blue in his eyes when I color). I like to put him in cool poses, but when he does smile, he’s totally sweet.

Drew, inspired by Emi’s Naruto, has green eyes, short brown hair that gets spiky only in the back of his head and a big “ good-boy” smile. Drew is our narrator and main character, and he’s the one who changes the most during the story, both emotionally and physically.

What’s their relationship like? Check out this page for more info!

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